year of the pig

happy chinese new year!…. tho obv i know utterly nothing about it, apparently tis pig, which is prosperity and enjoyment of the many pleasures of life, sounds guzzle grand to me x

May: Tea and cake sooon? Xx

yaaas! no idea how its been so long, hope to make landfall (in my hot air balloon) in btown saturday… if you about then?
or most welcome to swing by the coast way on your way home xxx

for that matter, why is a clanger trussed up in mexican wrestler bondage clobber? a perplexing world! xx

Mic: Hi BazComing to Australia anytime in the future 😀

Me: aww i wish! one day. haven’t been back since i was a skipping about 21 year old… we shall glug a few schooners, mongst the weirdly cosmic boulders of magnetic island? love to you and fambly xx

Mic: Mate, they do pints now as stardard or a pot which is 375mls, weather great, surrounded by mountains lakes , sea and Islands
You would be most welcome anytime, we have a rambling colonial wooden house just shy of a century old with heaps of space.
In Brisbane.
Keep,well and travel safe and best wishes to family
Cannot remember last time we met up , must be 15 years?
Managed to track down Rebecca last year, married with family, still in California, although I doubt she will ever forgive you forgive you for the demise of the Peanut butter 30 years ago

Me: ooh sounds like an idyllic life out there! we hitched up to cape trib, reef and rainforest, when i was 21, spent a few days in brisbane, but all a blur
my kids are alledgedly adults now, Finn probs almost the age we were when we met… you and your gangrene… so will deffo intend to get over soonish

ha! Rebecca the mountains and peanut butter! that made me guffaw out loud, wild, wild beautiful crazy days… as is now
i’m sitting here with a huge vat of peanut butter spooning it into my mouth absent mindedly… because i can
send her my love if you chat again
aww and mirroring back 2 snaps you took back then, know you’ve got them, but pretty much the only fragments from my travels
enjoy. om shanti xxx

Mic: Hi MR Baz
Good memories, although maybe time to visit and make some more, not been in contact with Rebecca for a year, maybe I should send her some organic, sun ripened, locally grown and picked peanut butter, although getting anything healthy stateside may be difficult.
Love the photos you post
Love ya work

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