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Rain-shine. winters afternoon atop the cliffs, swoon yearning opalescence of the cloud kingdom above, a small boat below… the dark featheriness of a rain squall out on the ocean, yet also light swarms through a gap in the clouds, sparkle tantalises on the sea
pleasantly yin and yang…. yeah, tho but a slightly duff phone pic… reminds me of Manley-Hopkins God’s Grandeur ‘It will flame out, like shining from shook foil’.. lines in which i can synaesthesia see the metallic rattle… gotta love the pomp of British Romanticism!
Granular Universe, mottled of texture, all things arise, come into being, blossom, then fade… Swayambhunath, the amazing temple in Kathmandu, it’s name apparently means ‘Self Arisen’, a sacred flame lotus rising up out of the eternal lake
these the slightly woolly mammoth muddled thoughts which help me sleep at night… best not to focus… totally gutted by the election result. obvs
a rare and unexpected day of utter idleness… a spot of light dusting, followed by lolloping around in sloth and lassitude… what these days of darkness require… wishing ya all a genteel and mellow Sunday x

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