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aw the timepiece (occasionally the slimepiece) was the greatest of the nightclubs in exeter… blue monday probs the song i remember best, tho no doubt there was a reasonable dollop of the smiths
it had 2 floors, the ground floor bar had the most eccentric things dangling from the ceiling, whilst the dancefloor had tons of mirrors… i love mirrors in nightclubs (and they love me!)
inevitably a bit goth tinged, but everything was back then

oh and its still going! tho probs slightly different now, my nieces and nephew are ofttimes there… the ‘ghost of uncle dick’ haunts the place

usually the ‘last song’, everyone go home, at the timepiece in 85

Mary: Oh no, I’d forgotten that Louis Jordan song! Snap, amongst all the things I’ve thrown out or lost, I’ve still got my Timepiece membership card. Had my 21st birthday party there and was too full after eating at Coolings in Gandy Street (also still there) to drink, so remember it well!
Catherine Wood and Sarah J Smith have you still got yours?
(posts her membership card)

your 21st sounds like a hoot! i was in sydney, oz for mine… i didn’t recall that we even had membership cards till i stumbled across mine earlier!
i’ve got boxes and files of old stuff… but all decades jumbled up, seldom wade through any of it, never quite know whats there?… usually a guffaw… and sometimes fabulously but weirdly emotional… depth charge of the distant past!

Julie: Mine is long gone. Swapped three nights a week clubbing weighed down with black eyeliner for bed by 10 with a cuppa these days! But hearing Blue Monday and Love Cats always takes me back. xx

julie, had forgotten what a perfect pop song that is! xx

Iain: What a great last song Richard. Beats ‘Hi ho silver lining’ 😃. I still have a Louis Jordan LP, one of my reduced, precious collection. Love the photo.

he was deservedly and somewhat unexpectedly popular in indie circles in the 80’s
tho i was left with a frisson of antiquity to ponder (my brain unerringly mathematical) that more time has elapsed since the mid 80’s than between louis and then. eek! x

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