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tootsies… i’ve hurt my foot… nowt serious, i hope! just some niggardly bruising, probably won’t be skipping the light fandango for a couple of days
was out jogging up the cliffs yesterday morning, you know how it is, plod pant, grumble and wheeze up the steepest section
then, when a-top, time to exult in the view, out and away across the majestic ocean… except don’t… best to keep staring at the lumpen earth …
clodhopper down a rabbit hole … presumably the one folk keep talking about nowadays?
was pretty much as far away as you can get, so had to hobble, painful quick step home in time for work
odd how i can spend 4 days at a festie leaping about like a loon with an absence of mishap… but 5 minutes from front door, caramba!
reflect on what a spectacular joyous miracle our bodies are! only really acknowledged when they sporadically malfunction
you may well perceive me as a slightly balding, impressively wrinkled fellow, marooned somewhere in middle age?
yet actually a teeming throng of cells, bacteria and fungii, a harmony of the highest kit kaboodle! honed by several billenia of evolution
we are amazement in motion. tis awesome brilliant to be alive!
…. anyway watched princess mononoke (writing it is easier than pronouncing), what a fabulous film! suspect rest, telly and biscuits is wisest

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