candlelit lunch

audio of text

Candlelit Lunch! yes Saturdays in Sussex in January, you too can experience this phenomenon of gloom
outside the Rain is wind swirled into a cold, soggy grey, flannel flurry… allegedly, i haven’t braved it yet.
hiatus, plans scuppered. surrendered… at home, there are certainly worse places to be
photo: #filter … deffo a filter… one of summer spun brightness, just so you can see the plate
was supposed to be about the vegan cheese… i bought up a barrel load of reduced priced festive selection boxes
many of which claim to be superior at melting?… greed and science experiments… hobbies combine
got somewhat swamped by the salad! i know, probably not wise to eat salad in January… but still in a mood of chuck it all in extravaganza!
mango and avocado and tomatoes!
with support from spinach, peppers, olives
walnuts, chia seeds, hemp hearts… lemon, apple cider vinegar, and other motley dressings
yum. instagrin. hodge podge. right…. outside for a stroll

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