once when rather trollied in prague, we found a really old telly in a skip, one with diodes, valves and capacitors.
we smashed it up. big time. immensely therapeutic and such good fun.
Either it was devil posessed? or those diodes store loads of electric charge because it fizz firework sparkled magnificently

indeed we could well hurl hurtle a few monitors out of the hotel windows, rock and roll.
nobody would even know who we were on account of the racoon masks

we had a black and white tv for a good long while when i was young, the first day we got a colour one i was amazed, when the cowboys died, they bled red blood! which shows what sort of age i was

whose been on tv then?

Posted: Wed Nov 29, 2006 4:01 pm Post subject: don’t wear dayglo


from an old email….soz…

i always used to go up to watch the tennis at wimbledon
Back then it was free standing on center court.
we bunked off sixth form college and went up dead early to join the queue.
strawberries and warm lager for breakfast!

We got in and were stood right at the front. saw McEnroe, who was then at his tantrum throwing peak. You cannot be serious! marvelous

Next morning back at college, feigned stomach ache as an excuse for being off the previous day
Dr Rispoli, my tutor, was having none of it. he said
‘I saw you on the 9:00 news last night. front row of the McEnroe match, wearing a fluorescent Orange T-shirt’
ho hum. rumbled

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