Steiner School Christmas Bazaar

Steiner School Christmas Bazaar
this Saturday (2nd) prob elevenish till late afternoon
Arundel Road, the far end of Kemp Town, opposite Mulberry Wines, just before the road goes up to Whitehawk
a great place to buy christmas gifts, particularly ones made from lumps of wood and other sundry hippy knick knacks
They’ll be a cafe with lots of homemade cake.. and carol singing
the perfect cure for post christmas party doldrums

bump, bazaar this saturday

but as i’m here, may as well burble on about the steiner school as it’s the advent spiral festival today,
very sweet just for the little ones, 4 – 6 year olds

they all have to wear dark colours, blue or black and very quietly shuffle into the school hall.
It’s eerie dark, theres a fiddle playing in the background and a woman squawk singing peculiar celtic melodies
taking up most of the floor, laid out in pine needles and other greenery is a labyrinth,
the teacher bearing a lit apple candle, solemnly walks this leaf spiral in to the center, where she waits.
The first child takes an unlit apple candle, then follows the maze path (often skipping or jogging as kids do)
when they get to the middle they light their candle from the teachers candle, turn about and walk the path back out again
wherever they wish within the maze, they place the candle on the floor, then continue slowly on to the end.
child by child each does this in turn.
the effect of this is that the room starts dark, but after 40 kids have been around, the entire labyrinth and room is lit up with the comfortable flicker of candle light.
Not a word is spoken

oh and i guess the symbolism malarkey is the obvious, the labyrinth is the path of life, the candle each childs immortal soul spark, the importance of choice as to where to place your candle
this season of the year is about silence, the seed nurtured within the soil, light hidden in the darkness
hippy stuff
gawd knows what the wailing singings all about!

When Kafka went to see Steiner in search of enlightenment, Steiner spent the entire interview burrowing a handkerchief up his nose.

his first name was Rudolph
Rudolph the Red nosed Steiner

i can’t imagine that meeting would have been a barrel of laughs
crack open another bottle of bollinger Franz. nope

Freud though was a notorious coke head

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