wood waffle

wood waffle

Hmm all a bit higgledy piggledy the seasons at the mo
when i was in the woods in surrey at the weekend, there were still a few lingering summer Roses, autumn yellow leaves confetti stuck onto the branches, a thin layer of ice on the surface of the ponds and strangest of all, many of the trees were in full blossom … catkins too
some birds, but mostly green parakeets flip flapping overhead
a breeding pair escaped in the seventies and have been whooping it up ever since.
Whatever next.

any suggestions for things to entertain kids in the winters woods?

have stick sword fights
see spooky faces in long toppled over rotten tree trunks, we spotted a wooly mammoth in one
pretend your in a beatles movie
play pooh sticks
stumble stuck, squelch stagger through muddy puddles. ‘Oh Sib-é-a-l your dress!’
hug a tree, many of the trunks have a girth of 3 persons finger tip stretch. impressive
Search for dragons nests
poke a stick into holes beneath trees, rude, but who knows who or what might just pop out
break pieces of ice off from the edge of the pond, then hurl them across the ice, as they whoop holler whistle skip skiddadle out of sight.
and my favourite, run very fast down incredibly steep hills. geronimo!

ah now what i actually meant to say was

we three kings of orient are
one in a taxi, one in a car
one on a scooter, beeping his hooter
smoking a fat cigar… wearing a womans bra

oh star of wonder, star of light
jesus set his pants alight
…… etc …

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