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karma karma karma chameleon!
our model wears… what? a pink star shell hawaiian shirt, rummaged from a flea market somewhere in greenwich village
a purple batwing concoction that flaps carried all the way home from kathmandu
the hat tho must be my brothers? not the sort of tifter that would ever have graced my bonce
christmas 89? oaklawn, art nouveau chaise longue, arabic brass lamp stuck over with marbles
peak gadabout for me… just back from portugal? and 2 months in a hostel in Barcelonas Plaza Real
the berlin wall is toppling… i’ll be in prague, via sheff, within the year
the past… when it’s this lurid foolish youthful can be flambuoyant beguiling
right chauffeurs garb on, rush hour trundle off to cart sis to heathrow… yes m’lady!
*tifter… tit for tat hat

may: wheres the orange cape???

Ha! Exeter uni orange curtain capers, smooching wiv jk! Xx

ant: from Rentaghost???

Claypole? I was always rather good at teleporting by holding me nose x

Rich P: I think you still owe me for the purple batwing concoction.

It was a thing of beauty! Much missed! Did ya really lug it all the way home on the trans sib? Xx

Rich P: Kept me warm during those chilly Siberian nights… x

luci: Looking fabulous! x

Yoof in gorgeous rainment x

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