puff nettle

puff nettle, puff daddy, puff the magic dragon!
on sunshine shady days nettles emitt this weird mesmeric spool of smoke… its actually pollen… as NOT evidenced in the photograph… but trust me, was happening… they are wind pollinators
i never knew of this curious phenommenon till, a couple of years back, elise and i observed it in the woods at the reservoir and deduced what was happening
gandalf-ian smoke rings!
something profoundly satisfying to curious close scrutinise nature, to wonder at a few of her beautiful mysteries and mechanisms
this nature photography lark is tough… requires buckets of patience and something more sophisticated than my rubbish phone… spent at least 5 minutes trying to capture it, for nowt
if the loch ness monster and big foot have a moonlit tea party waltz around the back yard, you can guarantee i’ll just have a fuzz grainy shot of cup cake crumbs… sigh

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