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ah such plump luxuriance of line! some fab sketches… mostly Rosetti
i love figurative art and have been thinking a little of the pre-Raphs on my drive home today
partly because Burne Jones lived in Rottingdean, some marvelous stained glass in the church there,
i imagine him and kipling (doubt they were friends or even their lives overlapped in da village!)
scoffing cakes quaffing tea in the Rose garden at the Grange (library)… ‘exceedingly good Rudyard’
then ambling off along the undercliff, unbuttoning frock coats and dabbling blue white victorian toes in the ocean

audio of text

hmm what to make of the pre-Raphs?!
like most folk, often find their finished works drift towards twee Romanticism, rather backwards looking, a somewhat british trait even then…
yep, you’d imagine the subject matter would be something that would appeal, mythpoetic, images as lucid and laden as a tarot card
but its a bit like tennyson? and who reads him nowadays?
Why were they not seemingly looking at the world of change and turmoil happening all around them?
or for that matter, all that was about to happen across the channel, the first twitches of the seismic shift to modernism, an age of upheaval and revolution
so yep, lets paint Sir Launcelot in a dashing, fashionable brocade frock
slight frothy swoon to their art… hard to know quite what to make of it, men looking at women, in a post john berger, lacan scoptic vision kinda world?
erring on the side of generosity, the women were always their muses, lovers, sisters… occasionally both
oops just typing words, with no real direction or imagination… i shall stop

oh and more lovely schmaltz to wallow in

and, bizarrely audrey hepburn in Rottingdean

off pinterest… louis someone (apols didn’t note his name), a non disney illustrated version of the jungle book x

oh and as i’m seemingly still commenting on this post

william morris, one of burne jones best mates… socialism and wallpaper, a love triangle and the peculiar flavour of Ruskin-esque medievalism… gotta love the victorians (and Radio 4)… tho melvyn is a bit crank grumpy on this one… listened on the bus when the road home was shut… armed police!

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