christmas swim

megan: Wow! You are brave!

ah yes! creature of immense courage as i am! was cold, but not too bad, been a mild winter so far here… merry christmas xx

Alistair: Happy Christmas Mr B

cheers, and to you ali bongo x

Charlotte: Blimey that must have woken you up……..fabulous !! x

ha, more of a tonic for finn, who hadn’t swum on christmas day before, and had a dismal hangover xx

Wendy: Love the vibrancy of these photos! Merry Yule dear Richard 💗

thanks m’dear, hope yours has been a good ‘un… bring on da bling! i was born for tinsel, love its cheapskate light scatter promisesand beneath the waves i am selkie, but never manatee… oh and the snap of mum and my finn is most deffo a fave xxx

Kathy: Goodness. You and your mini-me are as mad as each other – must have been FREEZING!

not nearly as nippy as some other years, Finn in fairness lasted 5 nanoseconds, but he is not blessed with quite as much fortitude… or useful blubber xx

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