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‘i was late, it was raining, it’s hard to huddle on your own’
solstice dawn, nadir of the year, ebb, this the dwindling of the light, darkness encroaches. blessings to y’all
ha, of course i have tweaked both the dinge and pathos levels, all is performance, masters of artifice
yet as it’s the season of holly and homily:
time to hunker down and gnaw on bone (quorn burgers!), ponder long on both personal and collective futures, it is late, but mbe not as late as we think?
most of the fears that we find in the darkness, but not all, are things that we have flung there, far from us and our circle of light
allow, be comfortable with these the dark familiars, it may well not be alright, but ‘it is’
midst the sullenness, possibly, easier to feel the seed of light?
anyway it was proper windy up on the cliff, watery kersplosh wave chaos beyond the harbour walls, picture, ‘whaling vessel beleaguered by storm, heads for safety of harbour’ doesn’t really demonstrate, dang
christmas soon! glug whisky, dance to neil diamond, that sorta stuff x

an interesting kabbala type short talk i was listening to t’other day:

Dave: Love this post mate – wishing you an excellent Christmas, catch you next year!

cheers fella, keep meaning to write to ya, in appreciation of sys etc, but like everyone underwhelmed by my energy levels… festive blessing to you and fam xx

Wendy: Love your turn of phrase mister x

Thanks! and i, in turn, adore your writing m’dear
it’s fun to acknowledge, then try and speak something about say the solstice, all the obvious themes and structures in place, truth is through feeling into nuance
like you, this year, i felt it important not to immediately gulp at the longed for light, but rather be comfortable and nestle, here, with the darkness and exhaustion
your words usually have a calmness, an almost serene flow to them

wheras, ha, mine often are a bulging, confused, exuberant gallumph! I want to be beautiful and funny at exactly the same time
which is quite a reach, so usually i topple over midst a tyrannical polyphony of glottal stops (see!)
anyway wishing festive greetings to you and yours, hope to see ya soon! xx

Wendy: Ah thanks for your words about my words ☺️I love your natural exuberance that comes through in your writing, an electric staccato that has a gorgeous poetic flourish to it. It’s all you and I love that truthful expression ⚡️

We meet in lyrical x

Wendy: Always

Nicki: Wow what an amasing description of christmas .. thankyou ..x

it is good isn’t it, like his voice too… lovely to see ya at the devi bhavar, pop over whenever ya fancy for some proper winter loitering xx

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