words of rainbow

‘she comes in colours everywhere…. like a Raaainnnbowww’
an evening stride up the cliffs to shake the muzziness of a days code from my be-barnacled head
wind whipped, beneath the wall of the harbour arm, the sea cauldron churns to an ambrosia of chaos
occasionally amongst the cacophony, a wave is hurled up, a white mare hurtles over to the far side (fosby flop! ever a muddle metaphor, nary care!)
the wave, stretched, then wind smeared, spume in slow motion distintegration… atomised!
so far, so beautiful, so ordinary, a common autumnal sight (its the tail end o’june)
but tonight, for a mere 5 minutes, a rent in the cloud cover, the westerning sun, daubed the darkened sea with teal and turquoise
… and there, as the wave dispersed, the fine diaphonous sheen of Rainbows
of course i tried to catch it, we always do, on mobile phone… and now, far too weary, with words… futile… better but to bask in the eternity…. ephemera
ha, oft times my heart gets snagged, ripped open by some dubious folly of love… yet nature tears the soul with wonder… grand evening for a stroll anyway!

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