words of text

woken by the soft patter of plump raindrops against the loft windows
the sound of soothe… restless thought subsides, eases to fall into step with the rhythm… the beat of what? popcorn static

heartfelt thanks for all the messages, cards, presents, chats and phone calls (what on earth is a ‘birthday story’!)
many small acts of cherishing, the generosity of friends and family… i am blessed!
to those who missed it… due to the swamp of busy-ness, else the harrumph of neglect… this is normal, it is fine, no matter… plus there is still time!
… and even to those few, ha, who sit in judgement (we all do it)… aah ‘what dragon ate your heart?’… kindness a direction, gentleness a prompt… all is grand
think that covers all of you?

i had a mellow day, hanging out with daughter, met 2 friends in town, swam in the vastness of the sea, just after the rain storm… it may not look inviting, but the most luxuriant of sea swims… a lovely day

…. and as i’m in a wafflesome mood….
woke up this morning, 55 and 1 day, i am closer to 70 than i am to 40… and 40 is, of course, drear ancient!
this tho is a good place to be! somewhere, who knows how far, along the plateau of middle age
a beautiful (and long winded) persistence of form
man is unusual in having a lifespan that often extends long after the brouhaha of breeding, child rearing… and even career
i am curious as to why this is?
elbow aside some of the insistent demands of remorseless forward… make space to ponder
who are we?
ha, i’ve not a blooming clue!… but as a simple cancerian prone to nostalgia.. here are 2 photos
me, now, sitting amongst my kingdom of tomatoes and courgettes
and one from when i was 21, brimful of youth… my lovely californian friend, sarah, sent this snap of a snap over yesterday… the frisson of never having seen it before! marooned in time
we hitched up the east coast of oz, sydney to cape trib and back… rain forest, snorkelling above the reefs, immense overnight truck rides of gabble and half sleep through the endless bush… kipping on beaches… and in strangers homes
life is but deepening into the groove
all is beautiful

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