sun, raindrop, leaf

audio of text

sun, raindrop, leaf
looking down from the bridge, pondering the placid calm of the River Mole: sludge of green, drear of brown… a congealed euphoria between
most of the sunlight scatters, dancing off the surface… some tho plunges deep, rebounding with a sonorous glow
there to be set on high, mongst mauve opalescence of cloud and this, the dark squid ink of leaves
thinking of donnes ‘sun rising’ the playful lovers ego-centricism, literally, no truck with coopernicus, ha, placing our entwined joy here at the heart… delish, gotta love the summertime!

wanted to get ‘nacreous’ in, pseud, just becoz one of nabokovs fave words… tho apparently mauve was too! here prefer opalescent

ooh … and a beautiful mellifluous reading

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