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Raise our vibrations!!! second sea swim of the year on a gorgeous sun strewn morning… the world suddenly flooded with light
every tree and bush burgeoning with leaf and blossom… on castle hill the playful frolic of a gaggle of gold finches… a glorious abundance of nettleage
blessings be for the health of my body and the beauty of the world
a lovely weekend, delicate balance of city and country, family, friends, workshops
new moon in aries fire-y beginnings, hurtle hectic towards beltane, ride the waves of frazzle frenzy
singing, yoga, dance, poetry… a counter weight to the gabble babble madness
delicious to be alive!

Roisin: Your posts never fail to make me smile 🤗

just found a wilted dandelion (dent-de-lion) flower perched behind me ear… sure it’s helped with the mornings coding! xx

Roisin: be sure it doesn’t make you wet the bed 😂 we would always get told that as kids!!

true dat… diauretic, piss-a-bed is one of its more charming colloquial names xx

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