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heart drenched with love, back from buddhafield, my slightly belated, a little bit exhausted, waffle appreciation post for the yearly lush bubble of buddha… soul nourished, mind frazzled yet fizzed, pure exuberance
so good to see friends with their babies and toddlers, a new generation, to meet again after the grueling covid palaver
beautiful pics from cc, as my phone turned off, thanks lovely x

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‘spring water flowing
through a meadow and the shadows of clouds
passing over the hills and the ground
where we stand in the tremble of thought
taking the vast outside into ourselves.’
from billy collins: directions

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we the bright shining ones
a nighttime visit to the crew tent filling thermos flask with barleycup, about to head to the dance tent for a euphoric footstomping psytrance rave
ah buddhafield the only time ‘barley cup and rave’ sit congruently within the same sentence
emerging from a devotional puja to the sumptuous colours and harmony of an epic sunset
lounging in the shade in a hammock, amongst the oaks and silver birches in the glade… before, eek, quick stepping up to the front gate, stewards hat on, to help out with the van fire!
singing with gleeful but tuneless gusto buried within the brethern of the bass section… snoozing in the dharma parlor
in a ‘work that reconnects’ workshop, grieving the loss of species and habitat, then lurching into the middle of a comedy yoga skit out on the village green
these things, and yes, a lot of dancing! i so love to dance… to drums after the rituals, live music in small world, or to the bedlam cacophony in the recycling / drum and bass tent
gleeful juxtaposition… each minutiae but a fractal of the whole… or vice versa?! a summoning

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i tend to wonder, wander, wind blown thistledown, seeds of the heart, going whither my feet roam… join a group, then drift away… trying to stay within the field, the aura of grace and flow… the minute i ‘want’ something/somebody the energy seeps away
trust that when i acknowledge the immediacy, the intimacy of feeling… then all is fine, not to say flippin’ gorgeous
it helps knowing so many people, disparate down the years, else just to turn around and share a few noodlin’ words with your neighbour
the golden thread of hare magic, motif, woven through the whole festival
Alala’s heartfelt recitation of a poem from memory
the divine transcendence of a hug from a stranger, a lover, stopped still for eternity halfway across the field… green gold, gold green… twixt nettles and the hare
an impromptu 5 minute sing-a-along and boogie in a queue for crew food
chanting kirtans around the fire as the moon rises and the night time stars wheel serenely overhead

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my stewarding mostly consisted of meandering between the different steward positions, checking how everyone was getting on
each a Galapagos island of conversation, chewing the breeze(?), sure, a 5 minute of perfunctory ‘hows the shift going’ which swiftly lurches in ANY beautiful and random direction:
‘vipassana and the myth kitty of each individual, unique yet eternal soul’
‘whats your favourite flavour and colour of ice lolly?’
‘the spirit essence of our huge ancient beech tree’
‘the mores, foibles and manners of the 90’s crusties squat rave scene’
‘the beauty and exquisite precision of logical thought’
‘roll over on your back, kick your legs in the air, upturned turtle yoga!’
i always love stewarding and the whole steward team… most of it’s loafing about nattering to passers by…
else laconically, on the walkie talkie, in best late night radio dj voice issuing shift advice ‘watch out for maroon motors… they always give most trouble. over’
yet occasionally something festival important happens, focus, reset: function… ‘how can i help?’
part of the joy of the steward crew is that often their fresh to the whole experience
many of them the same age as my kids… i’m occasionally pondering what does it mean to become an elder? if not me… if not us… then who? if not now then when?
a slow gradual transition, settlling down into this, suprisingly comforting, notion
what are the energies and the postures that i wish to model?
wisdom. open hearted kindness. embody boldness… that man can be a bedraggled, florid extravaganza! that world is both beautiful and often funny? that to sing and dance and chat together is astonishing, we are enough
all of that and stubborn more
i see too many folk, usually young men, wandering around on their own, bewildered on the fringes… these kindred… all beings are welcome, all included… some fierce yet protective dharmaparla spirit
Feet Rooted in the earth, Rose Gold Rising, Arms Aloft, White Gold tumbling down… these energies to spill out from the heart, onto this land or into anothers arms… echo echo the same
as always to clutch at things with a splodge of words, acknowledge the intangible, the various… breathe


Jonnyfen: Beautiful words man! x

thanks lovely, hope to see you there next year x

Clarissa: Love this! Takes you right back there reading these beautiful words 😍

Dinnae neglect nor forget the glorious pics too! Xx

Saoirse: Joy beyond joy, deep immersion in the moment. Blissful and radiant .

Graeme: Summation.It was a great pleasure working with you once again Richard.These words deepen a tangible gratitude for this gift we share.Ty 🙏😊🕉💖🌌⛺🔥

Yes. Ditto. Hugely enjoyed reconnecting with you, Emma and all the team. Having a role, some responsibilities… however fluffy and occasionally flakey… helps anchor the experience. In a warm, supportive, rich and stimulating environment we can all flourish… and become more who we truly are… blessings on your onward journey! xx

We be beautiful!

Sam: Was lovely to see you again Richard 😌💜🕉

You too bro! Tho, ha, that ‘neuro-bleak-batter-core’ was a dismal racket! Dunno how Cleo and Ella tolerated it… Each to their own! Xx

Ok ok secretly I loved it… Life isn’t always folk noodlin and bird song!

Sam: haha 😂 everybody loves a cheeky bit of neuro 🤓Hope you got home alright bro & are adjusting back to whatever this normal stuff is 😳😂👌 x

Ha ha… Soul is always exultant, yet mind frequently dingy and body just craves a ferocious beat!… Neuro deffo has its place … All good here, tho stopping by Saintsburys on way back from a run, smiles, let alone hugs in drastic short supply… Wishing ya ease for your transition xx

RP: Ooh, like the sound of that!

Cleo: Lovely to see you Richard! Hope you having a wonderful time back by your coast ❤️ big love xx

Cleo! thanks m’dear… all pleasantly slow and gentle back in seaside sussex… today will toodle along to stanmer organics… permaculture, tea and a boogie…. adventures continueloved your warmth and beautiful energy at the festie… hope life flows sweetly with you! hug xxx

Cleo: sounds wonderful and i am glad to here your adventure continues 🥰 lovely to see you again, the kindest soul and maybe the seaside will call us together someday – see you on the coastline✨🌊

thanks… sweeet xxx

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