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do things that make you feel infinite! majestic! stuff that makes you laugh!
i went for a jog today, hurrah… heres an artists impression (by Rich, age 56), which captures something of my wild eyed gait!… mixed media, the clothes i ran in, some lidl lemons and left over Kale from the permie plot…
haven’t been out since last year, when i totally destroyed my foot up on the cliffs… gently, gently we shall see how it goes
the body is amazing, a pharmacological genius, it produces all these absurd euphoric happy chemicals, just for us to indulge and gorge on
of course they don’t last long, pretty soon we’re back huddled again in our cloak of despondency… but the memory of such glee! bound to lighten the load
so jump in the freezing cold sea, dance like a loon, recite poetry to a gold fish… whatever floats your boat
i’ve been pondering the obvious… ‘being happy is a radical act’, the oft neglected buddhist quality of mudita… boundless, effortless joy
the caveat that: so long as you have a roof over head and all your woes are just human size… but just being happy, tis a good thing
and even better… theres nothing more to say about it!
oh and may as well jumble in some other pics… can’t beat a dollop of chaos!

eldest is home from his adventure, lovely to see him again

praha april 92… steve and i in his kitchen… day or night? party… never seen this snap before yesterday, made me chortle

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