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Tax Return Day… hopefully, if i don’t get distracted… under the cudgel of winter… these the porridge days… first task is to juice up a storm and chuck a Rainbow down my gullet
yum! first appearance of the year for nettles and cleavers in the mash up. such the vibrancy of colours, feel as tho i have pulverised all the chakras of a small flock of birds of paradise!
oh and on my bike ride, down on the beach i saw 2 jackdaws with white feathers in their wings… i digress … another selfie, and a traditional annual post, yup
yoga and meditation… cumbia, or possibly gregorian chanting on the headphones…. i’m so ready… a blizzard of old illegible receipts and a daunting wall of perplexing legalese
see ya on the other side

comment from lou:

I did mine yesterday

What should probably take 2 hours took 10.. intermingled with essential tea breaks, meandering, staring into space, a little snooze, more tea, 4 meals etc etcI called on lion for courage to get through..

Got there.. with renewed intentions to get someone else to do it next year 🤣


superstar! aw well done, tho how you managed on only 4 meals is astonishing, you must have been famished….

i have yet to start, thought i’d fix one small teensy bug in project code, which has dragged me to the brink of existential despair

who wrote this Rubbish! oh me!… anyway i’ve announced i’m doing it, so mote it be… i call upon the power of the duck billed platypus!

for ermmm it’s cuss awkward unlikely success… they’re taking over the world doncha know.. back to it… or getting ready to do it, almost the same thing xxx

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