lotus eaters

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eat more flowers! be a lotus eater… well thats been this years motto… yet another summertime experiment… honeysuckle iced tea with a sprig of garden mint
the taste is kind of watermelon-esque, with a bouquet of pumpkin, well at least to my hayfever addled probiscus
most of the fun is gathering the blossoms, an abundance up castle hill, thanks to sarah for pointing them out
appartently honeysuckle (woodbine!) flowers contain salicylic acid… aspirin! so good for all sorts of fever and footie induced hangovers
oh and probably for love charms too… i should coco

Steven: Looks like you’re naked Richard 🙂 Are you prepping for Buddhafield

aw, as well you know, to preserve its magical properties, honeysuckle must always be plucked whilst naked and cavorting in the dawn dew… you coming to the field this year? xx

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