talk talk

aw that bloke from talk talk has gone and died
my brov was a big fan, and indeed, i too am rather partial to a bit of synth harmonica 80’s groove, thanks for the tunes

i just listened to ‘colour of spring’ whilst washing up
on reflection we were reasonably fortunate with the music around when we were at uni (lots of dross too inevitably!)
seldom play any of it now, it’s all indie folk, bhajans, obvious Reggae and cooking dahl to womad-esque vibes around our house
80’s bands that repeat their name twice? a miniscule genre… always loved this one x

reply to a comment!

ha… suggest he plays sun blushed buffalo mozzarella pizza on his turn tables? the sound of squelch? and the smell of cheese
my kids have abysmal musical taste as i sometimes inform them x

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