equinox blessings… hail the harmonious equipoise of the sun disk (here represented by peanut butter on oat cake)
a zombie stumble out of winter, grateful for the balance of light and darkness, the glorious exuberance of spring. gosh gush x

bleaggh peanut butter on oat cake, a frugal, cupboards are bare, breakfast… possibly the driest substance known to man?
more desiccated than the surface of mars… which is supposedly reasonably soggy!

cheerfully bored, hence the likelihood of selfies… the tulips were a mothers day present for mum, but she sent them back with me, due to a glut from the other siblings

oh no ‘november rain’, guns and roses, has just come up on random shuffle. bilge! time to get up and out into the day
…it is in fairness a very very long playlist and i sporadically add a rubbish song, just because i can

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