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early morning. spring. sunshine. rattling along on my bike, all lopsided enthusiasm and exorbitant pant.
for me, the epitome of freedom
today for a sea swim (well more but a genteel bob in the briney)… a broad smudge of endorphins… shriek, numb, bristle
yesterday flummoxed up the cliffs, hazel catkins, lichen, the mesmeric solemn chant of wood pigeons
of course, slumber back into this yoke, of thought, responsibilities
yet, world is always, unspoken, on the cusp of something.

Hanna: You’re a true poet, enchanting it all

thanks lovely!
i enjoy jotting them down, and usually reading them back! in some moods they just flow, they usually feel beautiful, but seldom important
probs how it is with you and music?!
been meaning to reply for ages, a lull in the busy so will do in a day or so! xxx

Rhonna: You’re brave(swimming in the sea at this time of year…well,..any time of year!), and surviving! I thought about joining my pals for wild water swimming, but my body is protesting at even the thought of it!

do it! it’s not even that cold
tho truth be told i am protected by plumpness… so my advice is ‘eat more pies’ vegan ones pref, oh and listen to manu chao (no reason, just becoz)
most of the cold is over super quickly its just the far flung fingers and toes that really feel it
oh and blustery days are rubbish, cut to shreds by wind chill on emerging
i always think, oh i should listen to wim hoff or something (a cranked up dutch version of brian blessed) or get a dry robe… but totally never bother
old school, wooly swimming togs all you need! xx

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