shower cap

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early christmas pressie, i have splurged on a new shower cap… pig in blanket, pink with aplomb
pink is one of my favourite colours… along with green! purple! orange!
one of the heart chakra colours, i do love to wear it, yet it is hard to look good in… i had to use a bilge wash filter on this snap… fashion tips from a decrepit hippy heart throb?
back when i was renting and boogie boards deckchairs in ocean city, i spent every day snoozing on the beach, under an umbrella wearing a pink hawaian star shell smock…
miss that top! an astonishing sense of accomplishment, just from putting it on

aaaw the 80’s, such a duff decade x


flaps: The pink wings are a nice touch too x

me: angel delight?

from jenny: All you need is a smile!💕

me: Ha! Your right of course… A study in glumness. Trouble is that I’m so blessed with wrinkle-age that when I smile my eyes disappear. Eyes or smile! what a choice? Hope your well and groovy, missed the happy festie massive last summer xx

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