soggy solstice

audio of text

solstice yawning… woken at 5:00 by a bird singing, both stridently and lost, outside the front window.
stupid bird. beautiful bird. notes flung up, an offering to the wind howl… ‘blackbird singing in the dead of night’
half heartedly meditated, looked to the buddha statue, just a brood, a bulk, darkness and exhaustion amongst the shadow… but, yes, always there
went out to snap the dawn. gung ho optimism, mingles with a love of murk and drizzle. not far. not daft… these pics, the best i can conjure… extraordinarily impossible to photograph luminous gloom. look east
rightey ho… joys of a hot shower, head down, dull, forget everything, yet pleasant enough, work
seed of light born in the depth of darkness… the promise that days of ease, the light, will return, yes!… ha, gritted teeth, better than bated breath
go easy on yourself. solstice blessings one and all x

a good year for indie chanteuse covers of Radiohead… the bends, such a glorious, sorrow stuffed album, great to hear new(ish) artists exploring its charm

look to the south west, out over the sea at sunset… or turn the gentle fuzz focus of your mind to it, as all is fog in these thar parts… an auspicious time x

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