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shapeshifter, changeling child… rainment summons essence and spirit?
no other creature wears the skin of the animals its killed for food… mammoth, auroch… vast tundra sweeping herds of Reindeer
on december afternoons impossible not to ponder the ancestors… hairless ape, far from africa, a mighty long way from home
following the rich pickings of the herds, ever northwards, across the land bridge, to this, the gloomiest, dampest corner of north west europe… ha, no going back now
gleaning, the rending of flesh from skin, curing, tanning…. then bone needles, gut for thread… to stitch a surrogate second skin
what a mucky business, hide swaddled, grease smeared, lousy with nits, beneath a dripping canopy, huddled close to the warmth of a dung fire… winter gruel
surviving on what, yes, some strength of arm, but mostly guile, fire and stories?
yep, that, a few berries, some fungii.. and a huge dollop of love for each other… you’d hope
brown, dowd of the season, yet sometimes, at sunset, a colour almost swollen with luminescence
down on the beach, i snivel gratefully: thankFuckForHouses, yep, THANKfuckforHouses!

not been working much this week, so a higher than usual quota of aimless pondering!

comment (from hannahw):

Nice hat, on the mundane level, where’d you get it

audio of text

me: Kathmanduuu! hurrah thought nobody would ask… all these long winded words, just a peg to hang my hat on, as it were… an excuse for sartorial elegance xx

wool from a rare pink flamingo yeti… they hang around standing on one leg on the peaks of the Annapurna range

had this one 10 years, seem to have mislaid my more yellow-esque one somewhere? keep thinking i must go back to Nepal get another one… far more fascinating than a jaunt down kensington gardens!

mum knitted the scarf

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