bury me deep in love

audio of text

marooned midst the grey gloom,
world daunted, suffused with darkness
like an old oil painting, colours smudged sullen by centuries of candle soot
hair plastered down from the rain, a submariner light, lost languid neath an ocean of olive oil
ah the blessing of not having to go out again, just code, cook grub for daughter and sing along to ballards on a playlist
of course, often on days like these, our sorrows gather close, but, with thanks, not right now, not for me
rather a spreading of soft radiance
traipsing back from lidl, crossing the bridge, the swash and swaddle of traffic in the rain
stop, face turned up, look to the sea, look to the sky, tender exultance
words, enchanting, surface from singing in circle at the last festival, with sofia and close, tight huddled with friends,
‘bury me deep in love, bury me deep in love, take me in, under your wing, bury me deep in love’

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