hail the hawthorn, majestic queen of the may! volupt of blossom galore
a beautiful sun strewn early morning, on the cusp of the full moon and the eve of buddhas birthday (an immortal 2640 years young… ‘happy birthday to you, squashed tomatos and stew’… lot of candles on a very big cake)
so hop on my bike to galumph up castle hill and garner the flowers, the whole hillside white froth awash with blossom confetti, it’s deep, rich refulgent pong
sacred to venus, 5 Rose petalled flower, forever for affairs of the heart
a gentle white rose pink energy for both the physical organ and the heart center
so my yearly bash at a ticture… douse with a huge libation of lidl vodka… then forget about it in a dark cupboard for a month!
do it… bound to be sensible recipes online
then homemade blueberry pancakes with daughter… before realising i’m late for getting on with work… again… where do these days go?
oh… and a passing photogenic basil plant roped in for the inevitable photo shoot! xx

Roisin: you are a mystical potion man! will have to come visit you sometime with Jade

aw do so, that’d be fun! we shall quaff gallons of nectar and guzzle buckets of flowers… hope you and da mighty jade have a fab time in berlin, can’t fail xx

Roisin: Aww that would be the sweetest we could fly around the first like bumblie beeeez! Will do 😃 will you be bimbling again this year? xx

hope so! a festie where i can skip home across the downs to my own bed, for slumbers, once the sun is up! purrfect… come then if nay before xx

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