New Year

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blessings on this time of new beginnings
softness, kindness, strength… playfulness, green tara heart chakra. love x

one of the changes i’m hoping to make this year is to move my eating habits somewhat nearer to the vegan end of the spectrum
prompted by the fact that even whilst eating free range and organic it’s a pretty cruel fate for most farm animals
it’s a very recent notion, so will see how it goes… concocted whilst devouring a delicious masala dosa yesterday and then stomping through puddles in wellies today!
currently i’m not at the stage where i can be reading labels all the time, so was thinking just to not buy milk, cheese or eggs
gotta be a start… cheese will be almost impossible…’my struggles with cheese’ a plausible autobiography?
go green tea! lots of risottos… and i’m off to cook a mountain of dahl… now… nosh hurrah!

… chat with Karen about Dosa

… and a suitably green themed dosa pic from last year!

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