pink man in pink larder… paints… green man in green larder
everyday dalliance with dali… so easy surrealism! nary finished yet, but thinking so glorious the sunshine, i should go to the beach for a little bit

did make it down the beach for a swim, 4th of the year (5 inc christmas) not that often, but always a thrill
the secret is to choose a day when theres little wind as its when you get out that it eats you
the sun was astonishingly, almost worryingly, warm… i dried off in plein air, just a woolly bobble hat and unsoggy skimpies, sunbathing promptly fell asleep
as for sorting the larder… i started off just looking for the fresh coffee, couldn’t find it… got carried away
astonishing how much stubborn crap accumulates… found stuff buried deep deep i hadn’t seen in 8 years… had been wondering where the jewell encrusted mask of tutankhumun had gone too!

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