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pucker up! happy 2019!

the year for all of us to snog more dragons
i wish for you, the same as i wish for myself, a year and a yield of more and deeper connections… both with each other, and with the land on which we are blessed to dwell
we are woven together and it is this that grants us our strength… is that a permaculture principle? dunno… now entering hippy warp drive
mirror neurons, we profoundly feel and experience that which others around us feel… this the privilege of primates
profoundly social animals, we are nothing, in fact we do not even truly exist, on our own… it has always been the story of us! lets make it a good one
have courage… literally coeur the way of the heart
ha, the irony, not lost on me, that the man spouting most voluminously about connection required to take another selfie as home alone with myrtle the dragon
… then chooses to flourish it on a platform, which is ersatz connection, realm of pout then preen of ego
yep yep quagmire, doldrums, exhaustion the words most frequently on my lips at this the fag end of the year
but but but… i mean what i say! … i had to get my bum wet sitting on the floor to take a snap, proof!
and yes, always try to say it with charm… charm and a dollop of imagination
of course, do more yoga, eat lots of chocolate

yet, so far as possible….
dwell in anahata, the heart space mind… wishing us all… love x

lots of happy new year wishes!

thanks guys, honey HNY right back at ya!
managed another brief sea swim at end of cycle, a lovely day out there… and a dip a fine way to change whatevers lurking in your head
aw and can’t resist playing old songs from my generation, mama club praha 92, for me
the song, obvious but: a somewhat feisty youthful scottish band, extraordinary producer, copious loved up stimulants. kapow!…. like any idealism doomed to crash and burn, but such a way to go
come together as one

Rosie: Happy New Year Lovely🌈❤️🌱

fanx… hope the cornish/devon atlantic remains wild, wooly and rugged! xx

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