Oompa Loompa

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embrace your inner Ooompa Loompa! lets face it, in my case i’m the only one likely too
here i am modelling my new orange tinged glasses… this’ll sock it to my deep rooted insomnia!
… in truth no idea if it’ll help, got them for a few meager pounds on the internet and this my fashion exuberance on unwrapping
according to some horizon doc, tis the blue light late at night that over stimulates… melatonin inhibitor?
i’ve already set my screens to night time mode… a pleasant Ready Brek golden glow… if so afflicted you should try too
love the idea of wearing sun glasses around the living room … late at night, doing keepy uppies… pretending i’m that kool dutch footbsaller from the 90’s… Clarence Seedorf? Patrick Kluivert? glaucoma i think
anyway glasses make me seem more intellectual?
here i be sitting at computer coding up a storm, looking out the window at what may appear a drab January day, but i see Tangerine skies and Cherubim peeking from beneath the cumulonimbus…. cheap thrills!

just noticed me with Turmeric stained fingers, a pumpkin on my head to protect the crown chakra? begon tepid winter!

it was clarence seedorf!

Kurious Oranj!! … possibly the only Fall song i really like

comment from Roisin:
been there, done that and got the t-shirt! how do the glasses work? 🙂

sweeeeet, tho if an oompa loompa is towering above you, then glad to see you’ve subsequently indulged in a prodigious growth spurt
glasses supposedly work due to an amazing invention known as Science!… broadly modern life has scuppered our circadian rhythms, blue light naturally only occurs at midday (originally i mistyped bat-urally which also seems appropriate!)
but our techno devices pump it out sommat chronic… so we’re perpetually over stimulated… block the blue light and melatonin (hormone of dreams n’darkness) goes about its business.. ZZZzzzzzz, snore galore
going out raving all night probs don’t help either m’dear, but hey, fun!! xx

oh and if you eat carrots gluttonously you go ooompa loompa orange! we tested this out on a nephew (would not recommend for ones own kids), he went bright orange!!… deffo try this at home…
tho being only a baby he couldn’t corroborate whether he could see in the dark xx

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