seeds are good

audio of text

sEeds are good… sEEeeeeds are good… as surely the shamen were singing?
traditionally my drabbest photo of the year… i mean its lumps of earth… tho some might well argue my usual slew of selfies border on tedium
but, but seeds… think of the awesome potential!
the eagle eyed may well have spotted the pots are somewhat crudely in the shape of an Om… i chanted the universal seed sound, Ommmmm, over them afterwards… biodynamic innit!??
I don’t really know what i’m doing, but bung them in some soil, sunshine, water… we all flourish better with the right conditions
the most fun bit is always planting last years toms (i have perfected the rare november / never fruiting tomato)… just burst the old fruits over the the tray and admire the seedy slobber gloop
i tend to mark them with little cardboard signs, which rot at the first watering, so then i have no idea, when finally they pop up, which seedling is which!
this year as well as the usual toms, chillis and miscellanious squashes i’m trying runner and dwarf beans
anyway first day of home alone for me, grateful, amongst so many other things for a back yard and the sunshine
strange times, no idea where all this is going, stay home, stay healthy, love to y’all x

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