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miniscule, from but a mote, a forest of tomătoes!
first of this years seedlings… probably a smidgin late, but plenty of time!
season for the sowing of seeds
once i am swimming midst a lake, a glut of pomodoro, i will have forgotton the curious intricacy of process
‘create the right conditions’… here last years saved seeds, soil, water, light, warmth… simple serene
except that neglects the haphazard nature of the whole palaver…
the seedlings are up by my work computer in the loft, so i watch them eagerly whilst i work… benthams panopticon?
at first absolutely, bloody bolloxy, absolutely nothing happens! for days on end… is that a speck of an iota of jissom?
its like heisenbergs uncertainty principle, the ferocity of of my glower, seems to inhibit their growth?
so i have taken to pretending to be half interested in something else, focussing on the serene production of alpha waves in my brain
suddenly turning around, to catch them out … its like racing slime moulds
or when on vipassana, at sunset, when i could literally see the universe, every atom, breathing in and out of being… swayambhunath… the self arisen
oops i’m bored with my own words, even as i write them, sense slides away from anything i intended to say, which, i guess, is part of the fun?…
as ever i’ve been listening to several audio books at once, this week its ursula k le guin, john o’donohue and paddy leigh fermor… such fascinating writers! the richness of thought… a true blessing
also, quite a few lockdown babes being born this spring. fabulous!

who you calling ‘three eyes’…

its a super video… had forgotten how good it was

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