‘pebble with fingers’
i love the way pebbles just loll about doing nothing… forever… obdurate gobstoppers of eternity!
this eye like beach find, nary a blink in all the years i’ve had it
beach smoothed, soused by waves, jostled with its kin, until silken to the touch, finger invisible but for the gentle weight of its heft and clout
ah the natural human necessity for story, to tether all things in the weave of narrative… stones tho cheerfully endure and out live these concerns…
‘doing ma thing, the big no thing!’
can imagine our forebears, loitering on these shores, waist deep, sea waded, harvesting mussels and barnacles into reed woven baskets
one stops, stoops, plucks just such a stone, to take back to the shelter.. there is never a why… this definably human characteristic, discernment,
‘that stone, no need for others’, beguiled by intrigue, creatures of slender delight, beauty and whim
…. oops late for work, but do enjoy the opportunity to bilge! ha… laterzzz

Replies to comments:

‘obdurate gobstoppers of eternity’… lawks where was my head at… a phrase to roll around the mouth, like a pebble, or, erm a gobstopper
are all languages so synesthesia onomatopoeic? try saying the word ‘boulder’ and not touch/taste/feel a huge globular stone nestled within your yawning maw

ha! thanks!… i think… i know there’s is a always a dictum/homily for ‘plain speaking’, yet if your nature is to be an obfuscator-y psued, well then, best embrace it!
… preferable to being an obscure prude?
if you have nowt to say, then cover that bluster with a grandiloquent crescendo
tho, as the world is frequently about patterning, more like a beaky beady crow, here see these words lined up in a row? peck, scuttle, peck… rearrange them… just so
anyway hope your enjoying these blackberry and elderberry filled days! xx

i was actually thinking about buddha, zen gardens, the stones all Reiki-ed into rows

my kids usually just smile kindly and indulgently, whilst muttering ‘doofus’ under their breath… often an appropriate response

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