wood anemones

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wood anemones, a carpet of them, spread throughout the wild wood
white flowers, tumbled down, fallen stars, each set to shiver beneath the gentle breeze
Sunday, i was out around sunset, the lilac hour, hurtle slap dash along the cuckoo trail on my bike, custard sunshine
the cuckoo trail is an old disused Rail Line, turned to a carefree (car free!) bike trail… hs2 we’re looking at youuu!
bluebells are, of course, the justly lauded, pinnacle of the spring…
yet wood anemones, a month earlier, are harbingers of wonder, daubed about with yellow clumps, posies of primroses, they flower just as the hornbeams and beeches quiver to leaf
it feels like the folk of the fae are nearby… apparently anemones are a sure sign of ancient woodland, as they spread at the laggardly, haste free, slug pace of six feet per hundred years!
the wild woods are the oldest beings in Britain, intricate, woven across the centuries, sacred… you can’t churn them up and replace with a sterile, orderly phalanx of conifers, bollox to that
anemone, wind flower, from the Greek god of gales, associated also with the gush splash of Aphrodite’s tears over the corpse of Adonis (gotta love wikipedia!)
conjure with the notion of sea anemones? bristled, fronds flung out, nibble feeding from the ocean current
cooking dinner, i practice my wood anemone shiver dance ™, clap trap of ambient rave from the radio… this the predictable lament… woe, woe, tis a long long time since i have been out dancing!
aw i miss the hot fug of bodies deep beneath the groove… ha, yes, i miss the applause! oh how i miss the applause

Flaps: 👏👏👏 There’go. Proves I read til the end too x

Ha! I’m impressed (and somewhat shocked) Such gruel and stamina! I relish and enjoy my bountiful bilge as I compose it, but tend to forget what I’ve said straight after! Xx

Rhonna: You are my only poetic pal,lovely! I saw just a photo on your f b page the other day , and I thought….where’s the prose?! Now you’re back to normal! 🙃🙃

ha! apols to disappoint! was probs just dumbstruck or ‘hey ho’ work busy… seldom silent for long (malheuresement!).. hope all good with family out west? … we should deffo have a cave-ie reunion this summer! i’m often out devon way at my sisters xx

another attempt, struggling a bit with recording today!

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