sea kale

audio of text

‘bruise mottled mongst the purple sprouting broccoli’… snow day… sea dip … in bocca al lupo!
after, nestled within the fresh lurid-delic fronds of fractal sea kale
the hillside and the hedgerows, flower splattered white… a wild cavort of blackthorn blossom
the sea, slate grey with a metallic ooze and sheen
spring leaves me breathless, don’t blink! a slow motion swallow dive through majesty.
on grey, cold rain days you can feel it stronger, as tho the cloak of green is wrapped even closer, everything a shimmer with this life patina, smells somehow swollen, colour enchanted by contrast
yesterday daughter and i invented a new circular walk around slaugham (‘low muddy place’), whilst searching for the near legendary source of the ouse …the river that, lazily, eventually, flows past my front door
ancient church, mill pond, moated ruins… nut hatch, clown faced gold finch, periwinkles galore, goose, goat willow
ha, mbe spring be: beep beep, huzzah! a fiat draped in the italian colours, driven at top speed around and around the fountain, italia 90, ecstatic cacophony of honking!

cold as brassica monkeys?

colours? yes! purple and green are a beautiful combination x

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