peculiar, around town lunchtime, kept on thinking i saw folk i knew, went over, to find it wasn’t them, an uglier version, my friends are much more beautiful!
which of course raises the preposterous notion that somewhere out there there is a beautiful version of me.
oh and the hanuman pic, groovy bright pic for a rainy eve!..after dance, i found a hanuman amulet trinket thing on my car seat… which isn’t that odd, as it was one of many i got in haridwar
love these memory jolts… of swimming in the fast flowing ganga at vishnus footsteps (during the mela!), the joyful palaver, which combines the vibe of a family trip to the sea side, with powerful ancient religious ritual, head shaving and floating flowers and galloshers of incense!
to be honest i know nothing of hanuman, i’ve always been much more fascinated by female spiritual power.. and think the more of that there is in the world the healthier we all are
… but, theres also something lovely about the male energy of hanuman too, powerful, strong, loyal, wise, loving and above all direct. yep, i’m rather enjoying being a bloke at the mo!

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