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prize pumpkin! me, not the squash… overboard, a man …and his marrow… curious orange… three of these plucked from the garden, daddy, mummy and baba bear sized
hope to carve tomoz when daughter here
last year one of my green courgettes became engorged to harrowing marrow proportions… had a disaster cooking it, never ever ever bake a squash with rice inside, whatever that prig jamie oliver says
took 4 hours!! whilst kids fought maliciously, anyway i saved some of the seeds, planted them out… and lo and behold the progeny of an elongated green thingumibob is orange and bulbous… who’da thunk it!
happy halloween… hopefully a more seasonal serious post later x

Audrey: Gourds and squashy type things are really naughty they’ll cross pollinate with any other members of the same family so you never know what you’ll end up with 😉 xx

RB: frisky! i had no idea, kind of approve of the libidinous diversity… at least it didn’t end up as a mushy pea… thats about the only veg i struggle with… that, brown sauce and bead and butter pudding. yuk! why! xx

Audrey: I’m with you on the bread and butter pudding – gadz – but brown sauce? What do you have on chippy chips? In Edinburgh it’s salt and sauce – has to be 😘

RB: chips? lumme eck, no! i am one for a biodynamically fried organically grown sauteed king edward spud … carries on making things up by stringing together words i don’t really understand… but artisanal
in truth: tomato ketchup! or when i’m feeling sophisticated and continental, tres belgique, mayonnaise! x
oh and for some reason i can’t remember what that beer is you drink in edinborough (see i’m posh none of that burgh nonsense), was it thruppeny bit? shilling ha’penny? who knows! x

Audrey: Heh heh do you mean eighty shilling? X

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