peach purple banana smile

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peach purple banana smile… colours and flavours of autumn
Rose Quartz… i was in one of the crystal shops in the North Laine earlier (one feather? two feather? red feather? blue feather?… as the goodly zeus would ave it!)
gawp idle, thrumming in front of a phalanx of Rose Quartz crystals… a friendly assistant (something mayan? arabic?), the waft of palo santo, came over to help
i just said, oh i dunno, ‘heart chakra’, she went ‘aww’, so we both stood there for a minute… crystal bathing, a good natured communion
ha! should imagine they get folk like me in there every day, never going to buy anything, but cheerfully enraptured
made me remember days loafing around the british museum… loitering in the room of the aztec crystal skulls…
periodically some freak would meander in, occasionally wearing a skull t-shirt, and just, well, oscillate with reverence!… kindred!
tho never having bothered to articulate the notion (too obvious!), but, like most people, i know there is spirit in everything
this shining vibrancy, coalesces most strongly around certain places, people or things… usually sacred places… the sri meenakash in madurai, buddhas eye at the great stupa of bodhinath
in this country its mostly nature… an ancient yew, the sea at sunset, turquoise tangerine, a medieval church in the woods… this sacred land
best to cheerfully acknowledge it wherever we can… a crystal shop in the laines… on facebook? ha, possibly not! x
ooh now i’m thinking of the mothers sacred colour in auroville, that was some hue of peach?… pantone panndemonium!

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