grab a goth

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its international grab a goth day (in my head if nowhere else)… what better for a sunny morning!?
to celebrate buying a new as yet unworn t-shirt (£3) in tk maxx several months ago… its like scribbled on in purple smoke!
i raided the kids wardrobes trying to find suitable blackness… astonishingly i have nowt myself.. this look is slightly podgy Robert Smith… tho must buy face whitener and mascara
my main experience of being a goth was running around Napoli with jane and the italian ‘darks’ back in the late 80’s… all night clubs and funniculars, eye liner and lion statues
anyway the morning ‘updating cv’ going well so far… suspect i may be bored
i’m off with a Raven to loiter in a graveyard, practicing my cheek bone sharpening exercises… anyone got any sanctuary to sell?

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