equinox blesssings

audio of text

equinox blessings… autumn is upon us. new season, new hair do, same old me
where the day is equal to the night, yes, and the same wherever you are in the whole world!
the universal kindred equality for us all really struck me… pompous is important, and well meant
a moment of equipoise, of noticing, whilst the tide of light recedes at hurtling pace
in meditation this morning the yak distraction of thoughts, tumultuoustumultous
so, for a change, i just sat with the subtle, glow gold warmth of the heart
lots of time down by the sea… go gentle x


word splurge!… i usually imagine i know what i wish to say, but such the clamor and jostle of thoughts that it ends up suprisingly other
but hey, just the ludicrous imperative of self expression!… for me it’s words, dancing (ha! tho seldom words and dancing together, what’d that contrariness be like?!)…
ever envious of the ease of musicians
whats your fave way of creating? xx

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