does anyone actually like the taste of spirulina? be honest.. of course i love the fact that drinking it makes me feel that i will live FOREVER! plus the name is so beautiful, as i say it i feel my head turning gently in giddy spirals, the colour? a sumptous, vibrant gorgeous blue green, in fact i am easily able to convince myself i am drinking the primordial ooze of the creature from the black lagoon.. algae algernon… but the taste. gak.

Thilaka Rather that than wheat grass (barf) any day…. I like to call it an earthy taste… feels better 馃檪
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Richard Basgallop ooh haven’t tried that one, sounds err loamy? you’ve sold it to me, something that foul must have harmonious medicinal orgone-o-spheric properties x
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Richard Basgallop drinking spirulina reminds me a teensy bit of san pedro, powerful connotations
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Richard Basgallop looking at the pic, why i’ve most certainly had days like that. ‘oi. get your grubby paws off spirulina breath!’.. sigh… reluctant frump! .. gawd ranting on my own status (again), much to do, theres some corking creature from the black lagoon photos out there tho peeps!
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Richard Basgallop ha! blimey been a long while since i’ve snarfed (is that a word?) a shot of tequila… bug eyed and bleary, wheat grass slammers at 5:00 in the morning …anyone? xxx
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Carl barley grass juice powder is quite tasty x
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Richard Basgallop i shall have to give it a whirl, ta, a whole world of herbal delights out there to sample x
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Carl juice powder rather than just powder…much better in every way

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