apple day

audio of text

about to drop a large apple on the head of a small woman! …. whilst rocking: sainsburys bag sur tete, barbour jacket, pink swim shorts, green wellies combo… a damp, but eventually sunny apple day!

just like wot Rembrandt would have done… always loved this pic… in kenwood

abi: It was a great look! And all came good in the end, the sun can’t actually resist Apple day!

ha, what with soup, pie, juice and cider reckon i personally guzzled an entire orchards, nay an avalons worth o’apples, good to briefly see you guys x

jess: ❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂

rosie: You look absolutely glorious! I Love your style: )

ah yes dapper dressing midst the damp! hope all be lovely down devon way xx

julia: fwoooar!!!! look at them legs!!!

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