2nd esher

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the mighty 2nd Esher! cubs football, the year we swept all before us, but still somehow contrived to lose the final on penalties. heartbreaking
we beat ajax something like 13 – 3, they were sea cubs, which helped, and even a lumpen defender like me managed to score a hat trick… tho that might be a cheerfully skewed recollection!
i can still name all but 2 of the team… must be 76? 77? britain, a nation in the grip of exuberant punk frenzy, but bruv and i would spend saturday mornings watching hammy the hamster and kicking a ball about the rec
ok… no danger of profoundity here… prevaricating, its soggy out there and i’m off to help at apple day… could be a galloshers squelch
happy equinox one and all xx

ali: A nice time in life

booting a ball in break time at primary school was great fun too! x

Rich P: So much hair. And what a strip.

ah so many impressive barnet bonces! at least you’ve retained a few follicles on yours… even at the time i felt the kit was a peculiar melange of colours and design… and i didn’t even become a graphic (or fashion!) designer xx

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