buddhafield yatra

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buddhafield yatra, a collated smattering of pics borrowed from wren, kamalashila, nigel, lokabhandu and khemashalini… thanks
last weeks pilgrimage walk along the Ridgeway to the sacred stones at Avebury… walking in single file, in silence
a beautiful heart opening week of camping with some lovely people in the full abundance of spring
amongst many things… hmmm swimming in father thames, waking up 10ft away from iron age long barrows, metta bhavna meditation outside for an hour before breakfast,
guzzling porridge… a huge lightning flash fest, thunder earth rumble storm… whilst overhead the fizz of fresh beech leaves thrashed in the gale….
delish vegan grub, sore feet, campfires, endless cheerful natter, horses, sheep, cows… golden glow of dandelions at avebury, skipping along the sanctuary awash with the simplicity of love
… arriving at uffington white horse (dragon!) on the eve of St Georges for a glorious sunset ritual, wild fierce wind, red flag against the sky, transforming delight of dragon energy
… myriad blackthorn blossom, their white 5 petalled flowers, sacred to venus aphrodite, the subtle fractal filligree of unfurling ash leaves
the weather generally benign, one day of endless rain, me wind hurtle joyfully running around the earthen ramparts of barbury castle, soaked to the skin, with still a few hours left to walk!
ah, a happy and garbled jumble of memory and sensation… my most powerful time was probably the morning from uffington to the amazing neolithic chamber tomb at waylands smithy, standing at the chalken eye, then plodding onwards in solemn silence
suprisingly strong feelings of sorrow, so much lost, to mourn, yet much that still remains. how to allow this? to be easy with loss, sadness and yearning?
well as i tried to articulate in the closing circle… what better than the support of friendship and community, gratitude for the compassion of our fellow walkers, thanks…
but also, nearly beltane blessings, this sorrow held, mitigated, transformed by the beauty and abundance of this sacred country, our land, here in the full power of spring, each leaf bud bursts with the gentle tenderness of heart. love x

comment to wren: ha! thanks love xx
DRAGON! Sunset, before the flag puja ritual, uffington white horse, dragons knoll, buddhafield yatra, eve of St Georges, 2018
lurid beautiful hues of amitabha and the setting sun, wild, wild fierce wind, sore feet, fervour and love in the heart

replies to comments

blissful! tho if had been as soggy as today probs would have been a smidgin gruelling! xx

indeed, a fierce beauty in our souls and this astonishing land… tho do wish kipping in a tent was a bit more comfy, ha xx

ooh no… just the walking! and up till breakfast (after meditation)… i’m not the most impressive conversationalist before porridge anyway! was plenty of pleasant idle nattering rest of time xx

thanks! being outside, in good company, during an intoxicatingly beautiful british spring, is a boon and a blessing… hope all be grand down in oz xx

ha! noooo… spring rules ok… as i peer out the window at teeming rain and a howling gale… british winter tho, that can bog off!… watch out for a somewhat wrinkled and dishrevelled rapscallion turning up on your doorstep one january xx

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