watched Inception on netflix yestereve… excellent entertainment for a not going out january night had forgotten what a great film it is!

from its ‘man washes up on a beach’ opening, to the perfectly weighted ambivalence of the final shot… gripping

works well just as a straight action film… fight scenes as the world tumbles over!

possibly it’s fast pace sleight of hand conceals that its not quite as clever as it thinks it is (true of all of us too!)

but personally i love the mind and space bending psychological tricksiness… ‘a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma’

fairly noir in a Blade Runner kind of way, with many a nod to Citizen Kane – was watching a doco on Orson Wells but the night before

in retrospect, quite a cast too… had no idea Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, Pete Postlethwaite were in it too

‘And why Not’ in my best Bazza Norman tones

oh and escher pics obvs

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