A Frisbee day or a Kite day?


gadzooks. a gale.
isn’t it wonderful!
who needs champagne when you’ve the sploosh splosh froth of an exuberant Ocean!
I abandoned bike and walked in, doing the ladder lean into the wind
certain programmers complain of having their face blown off!
I shook my fist at the sea and trudged along
The painter Turner used to insist on being tied to a ships mast and sailing straight into a storm. nutter
can’t see the Marina Fishing fleet agreeing, tho’ they do have fantastic tattered bin bag flags

can still tatse the salt sea spray. yum
oh dear. that sounds horrible
glad it wasn’t worse

here you are with your pet bin

the ladder lean? I don’t think its a proper phrase? …yet
but why it’s obvious, pure Monty Pythagoras, with, i guess, You the hypotenuse?
You have to lean into the wind, as far far forward as possible, pretend your ski jump champ, Eddie the Eagle!

leaning sideways would encourage toppling over, that would be plain daft!
Do try it, ’tis good fun…. but top tip not on a cliff top

all these garments coming alive is just like the finale of Bed Knobs and Broomsticks!

The North Berwick witches used to tie a knot in their hankies, as a spell for the wind
and every time a prayer flag flaps it sends a prayer up to heaven. inspired holy laziness!

‘Idiot Wind’, we all need an indian style name
When we were trekking in the Andes, Flaps was ‘Turd treader’, whilst i was ‘Cloud Sniffer’
… curiously i did the naming

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