I helped bring down the Berlin wall, mostly it was Gorby, me and David Hasselhoff
I was there a few months after it happened, the main tourist attraction at the time was getting a hammer and bashing slabs off of it
It was brilliant destructive fun, even better than jumping on sandcastles
All the way along the wall, there were ladders you could climb, so i felt like a bit like Kiki the frog, from Hectors house… or going up the ladder was like, in the old days, bunking over the fence at Glastonbury!

Once up the top, you could heave ho, bash out all your angst, biff bosh heartily away at it.

I had a small paleontologists hammer, so it was more dinosaur hunting at Lyme Regis than the crumbling edifice of communism
Viva Zapata! Long live Trotsky! should have borrowed his ice pick…
the last piece i knocked down with my juggling club (sigh. idiot!)

At home somewhere my lumpen proleteriat piece of the wall looks a little like moon rock, ‘cept from concrete, with a few daubs of graffiti spray colour.
I’m not as proud of it as my piece of the West Pier, from the day it burned down, this sits proudly on my computer, looking like a very charred piece of toast
or even of the piece of turf from QPR when they….

…. I guess the answer as to where to stay in Berlin or Barcelona is nope! not a breeze
If the question was Berlin or Barcelona, then Barcelona is just a zillion times better

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